Here's a high level glance at our program filled with learning and lots of fun! 

Week 1: Creating a trustworthy environment, starting the development of teamwork (and have some fun!)

Week 2: Instill confidence/grow knowledge; clearly outline goals of program, continue development of safe environment 

Week 3: Grow Knowledge - Education on issues for women, how can we support each other?

Week 4: Explore Careers: Entrepreneurship & Women in male dominated industries

Week 5: Set SMART goals & start capstone project! 

Week 6: Use confidence building and knowledge to translate into career plans & explore higher education 

Week 7: Build presentation skills, present capstone project career path plans 

Week 8: Go forward with the armor of knowledge, education, confidence and a plan! 


Girls Go For It // (847) 461-3130 

Girls Go For It is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.